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DraftKings announces partnership.

DraftKings announces partnership.

Cloud9 Partners with HTC

Cloud9 Partners with HTC


Cloud9 G2A Sean Gares Tribute

We say goodbye and look at the highlights of Sean Gares' career. It truly is an end of an era. Check out this awesome tribute to a great players career here at Cloud9.

Cloud9 League of Legends Montage 2

Another day, another Cloud9 Montage! Enjoy!



Cloud9 Welcomes Rush!

Cloud9 is excited to announce Yoonjae "Rush" Lee is set to sign as C9's new Jungler. Watch Rush share his feelings and thoughts on the potential new roster and upcoming season. 




Rush and BunnyFuFuu to sign with Cloud9 LoL

Following Meteos’ voluntary departure from the jungle slot during the 2015 summer split, C9 brought in retired mid laner Hai to fill the role. But now, with the benefit of time on their hands, they’ve been able to figure out exactly what they need to compete at the highest level in the North American LCS - and perhaps, the world.

Introducing CS:GO Stats

CS:GO Stats will show you the recent stats of both your teammates and opponents in-game. It provides in-depth information by displaying a player-by-player breakdown of the server you're playing on. All of this is accomplished by pulling the latest data from the Steam API.

Cloud9 Signs Americas Top-Seeded World of Warcraft Team, Juveniles

With BlizzCon on fast approach, we at Cloud9 are thrilled to announce the newest roster joining our ranks. Juveniles, the top-seeded World of Warcraft arena team out of the Americas Regionals, will represent Cloud9 at the upcoming World Championship.