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Cloud9 Fortnite | Welcome Hysteria

Cloud9 enters Fortnite Battle Royale and welcomes Jacob "Hysteria" Reiser! Originally on Cloud9 for Halo many years ago Hysteria is back for Fortnite!

Mang0 on Smash Summit 6 | 7 Minutes in Norwalk

Cloud9 Mang0's 7 Minutes in Norwalk "Smash Summit 6" features Mang0, Lucky, S2J, and Alex19 as they talk about upcoming Super Smash Bros Melee event Summit 6!


Cloud9 CS:GO | Reloaded Ep 4 Skadoodle Here To Stay

The C9CSGO boys head out to Dreamhack in Marseille!




Introducing the Cloud9 PUBG.KR Roster

We at Cloud9 are thrilled to announce the formation of our PUBG KR roster and would like to welcome KwangMyun Dingception Jang, JaeWon Miracle Kim, WonSuk suk Choi, and GyuTae seayureka Park to the Cloud9 family!

Cloud9 Acquires Svenskeren for League of Legends

We at Cloud9 are excited to welcome the newest member of our League of Legends team, Dennis Svenskeren Johnsen!

Cloud9 Announces the Departures of Impact and Contractz

We at Cloud9 announce today the departures of Eon-Young Impact Jeong and Juan Contractz Garcia from the League of Legends competitive roster.