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As the TFT Nebula NA Qualifiers come to an end, let’s recap the semifinals and finals and discover which two players have moved on to the TFT OCENA Galaxies Championship | NA Finals!

Semifinal A kicked off with a bang in the first round, as SleetTFT came away with the top spot followed by Cottontail, M35S, and TL Saintvicious in what would prove to be a very telling Top 4. Grandvice8 and Kiyoon would crack the Top 4 in the second round, although it was TL Saintvicious coming away with 1st-place. SleetTFT, meanwhile, stumbled mightily, finishing in 7th. That 7th-place finish hardly fazed SleetTFT however, as they racked up another victory in round three, with TL Saintvicious, M35S, and Grandvice8 right behind. Although TL Saintvicious and M35S struggled in the final round, their lead proved too great and the first four players through to the finals were SleetTFT, TL Saintvicious, Cottontail, and M35S.

Semifinal B was a hotly contested battle, with almost nothing decided entering the final round. DeliciousMilkGG won the opening round, only to plummet to 8th in round two, opening the door for TL Kurumx, Sphinx, and Agon to charge into the Top 4. Agon continued their confident play in the third round, scoring the top spot, while DeliciousMilkGG suddenly looked like a far cry from their play in the first round, as they came away with a 6th-place finish. DeliciousMilkGG would need a heroic finish in the final round to advance, which is exactly what they delivered as they finished in 1st place and 3rd place for the Semifinal. Agon brought home 1st place, and Sphinx and C9 Khroen also advanced on the backs of consistent performances throughout. Although TL Kurumx scored victory in the second round, they came up two points shy of advancing to the Finals.

With the stage set, our eight finalists headed into the Finals to determine who would come out on top and which two players would move on to the TFT OCENA Galaxies Championship | NA Finals. In the first match, Cottontail put the lobby on notice with a consistent round and subsequent 1st-place finish. Although they stumbled in a late-game skirmish with SleetTFT, Cottontail held on for the win with DeliciousMilkGG coming in 2nd and SleetTFT coming in 3rd. Elsewhere in the standings, TL Saintvicious was unable to find their groove and ended the round in 8th.

Moving on to the second round, it was much the same, with strong showings out of Cottontail, who finished 2nd, and SleetTFT, who brought home the win with a very strong late-game showing after struggling in the mid-game. TL Saintvicious catapulted themselves back into contention with a 3rd-place finish and Sphinx rounded out the Top 4. In the third round, the story began to change. Cottontail, who looked like a heavy favorite having finished 1st and 2nd thus far, faltered early and couldn’t put up a strong mid-game, ending the round in 6th. DeliciousMilkGG made up for their 5th-place finish in the prior round to come away with the top spot, followed by TL Saintvicious and Agon. As the competitors came into the homestretch, only two points separated the Top 3 players of SleetTFT, DeliciousMilkGG, and Cottontail.

Cottontail’s storybook ending was unfortunately not meant to be, as the final round saw him bow out in 8th place, setting the stage for a final mad dash between SleetTFT, DeliciousMilkGG, and TL Saintvicious. With DeliciousMilkGG again proving too strong to take out early, it was down to SleetTFT and TL Saintvicious to see who would lock up 2nd place and a trip to the TFT OCENA Galaxies Championship | NA Finals. TL Saintvicious walked the walk, scoring a 1st-place finish, but a 1-hp difference between SleetTFT and C9 Khroen in the round made all the difference as it locked up 5th place for SleetTFT in the round and 2nd place overall by a single point, proving that every round is pivotal when it comes to Teamfight Tactics. Here are the final standings:

A big congratulations to DeliciousMilkGG and SleetTFT for advancing to the TFT OCENA Galaxies Championship | NA Finals. Congratulations are also in order for our Top 6, who all came away with cash prizes!

We want to extend our deep gratitude to all of the competitors who took part in such fierce competition, please join us in congratulating their incredible effort! A huge thank you also goes out to Red Bull for helping host the tournament! We’d also like to thank HyperX and Secretlab for providing amazing prizes for the fans throughout the tournament!

Finally, all of us at Cloud9 want to thank you, the fans, for tuning in to support this amazing game and these amazing players. We hope you enjoyed the tournament as much as we did and we look forward to bringing you more amazing content like this in the near future!

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