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With a legacy that spans centuries, Chess remains a premier battleground for strategy, tactics, and speed as it moves into the digital age. Across all disciplines, Cloud9 Chess is ready to outmaneuver, outlast, and outsmart the opposition.

Representing Cloud9 in this most hallowed of arenas is penguingm1, a Grandmaster who specializes in hyperbullet and ultrabullet Chess. Whether it’s going head-to-head against current Chess World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, or taking out Chess artificial intelligences, such as stockfish and Leela Chess Zero, Cloud9 Chess is up for any challenge, be it analog or digital.

Recent Results

Mar 02 | 9:00pm UTC
Twitch Rivals - Hand & Brain
Dec 20 | 6:00pm UTC
@ Bullet Open Championship Knockouts
Dec 19 | 6:00pm UTC
@ Bullet Open Championship Qualifiers

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