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We are thrilled to announce the introduction of Cloud9 University and the rest of our collegiate initiatives for the 2020 year, which will kick off in November!  We know this has been a highly sought-after initiative by the community, and we’re excited to be bringing the next generation of esports talent a thrilling collection of events and resources in collaboration with Uconnect Esports. Here’s what’s in store as part of Cloud9 University’s celebration of the collegiate space:

Cloud9 Panel Series – November 2020

Cloud9 will host its first-ever panel series, which will be broadcast on the Cloud9 Twitch channel in late November. This two-day panel will provide insight around the different departments of an esports organization, how an esports organization operates, and what other career opportunities are available in the industry. This series will also feature resources and information from in-demand departments such as Data Science, Social Media, Operations and Management, etc.

League of Legends Intercollegiate Tournament – December 2020

We believe that the collegiate space not only houses future industry leaders, but also in-game talents. With that, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a League of Legends Intercollegiate tournament in December. Be sure to mark your calendars, sign up to Uconnect, and keep a lookout as we release more details in November.

Cloud9 University Discord – November 5th, 2020

In order to better serve the collegiate community, we will be launching a Cloud9 University Discord next Thursday, November 5th. Congregating collegiate leadership is fundamental to the advancement of collegiate esports as a whole and will provide a platform to communicate our upcoming collegiate events. Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media for details on how to join!

Additionally, we will be choosing eight universities across the United States that will serve as our affiliates for this year-end program. These affiliated universities will not only receive perks such as early job and internship opportunity notifications, but also access to additional exclusive events and resources.

Collegiate Fireside – November & December

Collegiate Fireside will provide exclusive resources to affiliated universities. Specifically, each university will be assigned a Cloud9 mentor for November and December, on a rotational basis. These universities are encouraged to organize and think of creative ways to work with their Fireside mentor, such as hosting Q&A sessions, being part of a panel, providing resume workshops for esports hopefuls.

C9 Training Grounds College Fair  – December 2020

Finally, Training Grounds is Cloud9’s youth initiative program that brings together teens for a unique online training camp experience. C9TG players have expressed a growing interest in considering esports programs when selecting colleges or universities and affiliates will be given the opportunity to showcase their esports program to the Cloud9 TG players via exclusive access to the C9TG Discord. More details coming soon!

That wraps up our collegiate plans for the 2020 year! Everyone here at Cloud9 is ecstatic to not only be launching this Collegiate Series, but to develop it as the collegiate arena continues to grow and provide incredible opportunities for students across the nation. Collegiate organizations can create an account on Uconnect’s platform and apply for Cloud9’s collegiate program and event support once your account is approved.

This is just the beginning and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for 2021! For more updates on Cloud9 University and all things Cloud9, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Be sure to keep a lookout for the launch of our Cloud9 University Discord next week as well!

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