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Presence of Mind is an initiative created together with our partner Kaiser Permanente. Our goal is to help you build resilience, reduce the stigma associated with mental health conditions and create a safe and open space for conversation within our community.

We believe in leading by example. The Presence of Mind initiative includes mental health trainings for our Cloud9 players and staff, a series with athletes and streamers where we address common mental health topics and challenges, and a moderator training and engagement program.

Kaiser Permanente is helping Cloud9 expand our wellness mission to everyone at our organization, and to you, our fans. We hope Presence Of Mind and the resources it provides will help drive more open conversations in our community and help promote a more inclusive environment.


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Presence of Mind: Mental Health Matters Interactive Video

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1 in 6

U.S. youth ages 6-17 experience a mental health conditions each year


of all lifetime mental health conditions begins by age 14, and 75% by age 24

Fortunately, recent studies and data show that gaming can be a positive force in our lives.

  • In a 2019 survey of gamers, nearly 80% report that video games provide them with mental stimulation as well as relaxation and stress relief.
  • Video games help to connect us, and 65 percent of players say they play with others online or in person.




Life can often present many challenges and addressing them isn’t easy. Learning to manage stressful situations and prioritizing your own mental health through self-care, can help you build up your resilience and even help prevent mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

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Everyone’s experience is different and managing a mental health condition isn’t always easy. Learning about mental health and how mental health conditions are treated — and knowing how to talk about it with someone you trust — can help you connect to the support you need to feel and function better.

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Many people keep their mental health condition hidden because of stigma – negative beliefs or judgement from others that can lead to feelings of embarrassment or fear of speaking up and asking for help. Sometimes it’s up to family and friends to start the conversation, or leaning on your gaming community for help. Learning to do this can help fight stigma — and maybe even help someone you care about get the support they need. When the silence ends, the healing can begin.

Learn more about how to start a conversation and support someone you care about:

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