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Meet k3soju

Michael “k3soju” Zhang is a professional Teamfight Tactics player and Content Creator from the United States. Joining Cloud9 in 2019, k3soju has maintained a Top 10 NA ladder position since TFT’s release, reaching Rank 1 for Sets 1,2,4,5,6, and 7 to date and achieving first to Masters in Set 4. Having previously played professional League of Legends in 2016, k3soju is no stranger to competitive play. He streams full-time on Twitch where fans can see his impressive results in real time.

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Dragonlands Championship - k3soju 11/19/2022
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Dragonlands: North America Regional Finals - k3soju 11/06/2022
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Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics TwitchCon 2019 - k3soju 09/28/2019

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