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Jang “EMENES” Min-Soo is a professional League of Legends Midlaner from South Korea. Throughout his career, EMENES has demonstrated his strengths as a player and holds many notable achievements such as achieving #1 on EUW servers and earning MVP honors in multiple splits of the NLC & TLC. Driven by his competitive spirit, EMENES hopes to not only excel in the game but to also reach semi-finals in the League of Legends World Championship.

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3 First Place
1 Second Place
0 Third & Fourth
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LCS 2023 Championship 08/20/2023
Achievement Team Icon
LCS 2023 Summer Regular Season 07/21/2023
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MSI 2023 05/17/2023
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LCS 2023 Spring Playoffs 04/09/2023
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LCS 2023 Spring Regular Season 03/17/2023

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