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With our aces hosting two homestands in 2020, the Spitfire are excited to announce the roster for the upcoming season! Taking to the skies this year will be:

  • Sewon Bernar Shin – Tank
  • Geonhee Clestyn Cho – Tank
  • Jihun Jihun Kim – Tank
  • Daehan JMac Choi – Tank
  • Hyeon Wook Although Jung – DPS
  • Sangjun Babel Park – DPS
  • GilSeong Glister Lim – DPS
  • Dongjae Schwi Lee – DPS
  • Younghoon Krillin Jeong – Support
  • Sunghyeok Highly Lee – Support
  • Taehoon Fuze Kim – Support
  • Gyumin SanGuiNar Lim – Support

The coaches and managers who will be helping them lead the charge are:

  • Chul-Yong Agape Hong – Head Coach
  • Sunghoon awesomeguy Kim – Assistant Coach
  • Youngbin Twinkl Lim – Assistant Coach
  • Hyeonsang Pavane Yu – Assistant Coach
  • Seunghwan Robin Lee – General Manager
  • Jihun Hoonmaru Lee – Assistant Manager

We have a lot of new talent this season and we’re already seeing so many things starting to come together for this roster. We’re looking forward to kicking the season off against NYXL in New York and even more excited to bring the Overwatch League home to London during the homestands.

Chul-Yong Agape Hong, London Spitfire Head Coach

Everyone here can’t wait to get to London and put on a show for the hometown fans. They’ve supported us from half a world away for two years now, so we’re ecstatic to be there for two weekends and we’re going to make the fans proud all year long.

Seunghwan Robin Lee, London Spitfire General Manager

The entire organization is thrilled to be playing in front of the hometown fans this year, so mark your calendars and join the team! Our first homestand will be in London on March 28th and 29th, where the Spitfire will take on the Paris Eternal and the Toronto Defiant, respectively. The team then returns, this time to Birmingham, for another homestand on June 6th and 7th. During this second homestand, the Spitfire will go head to head against the defending champions, the San Francisco Shock, and will wrap up their home games by taking on the Los Angeles Gladiators.

You can make sure you don’t miss out on this historic moment for the Spitfire and Overwatch League by purchasing tickets at! #AcesHigh

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