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Week of June 1

We’re a few days into the TFT Nebula NA Qualifiers, Powered by Red Bull, and it’s time to take a look at who are some of the players to watch during the qualifying month of June!

Opening up the qualifying period atop the leaderboard is Ms MatchedSocks. A perennial contender for the past month, they have no room to rest with Krmx, Mismatched Socks, KEKW KEKW, and last week’s #1 Kiyoon right behind them and rounding out the Top 5. We have some new faces this week as well, with robinthongz, sphinx, and Simple Plan breaking into the Top 10. Simple Plan in particular is looking to make some waves, climbing all the way to 10th after being 79th just two weeks ago, so make sure you keep your eye on them as there’s been no stopping them as of late.

Moving on to the rest of the current qualifiers (10th-20th) we see some familiar faces including JinxedJK, enaek, robinsongz, DeliciousMilkGG, Nhân tâm TFT, and nhân tâm. Poltsc2, a former #1, finds themselves in 13th with work to do if they are to reclaim the top spot, while congratulations are in order for Xeno, SleetTFT, and Cottontail, for climbing into the Top 20, with Cottontail jumping all the way up from 65th.

Finding themselves in the dreaded 21st position is TACOBELL WIFI, but there should be no despair as they were 86th last week and have put the Top 20 on notice. Right behind them in 22nd is another up-and-comer in Mango TheHun, who’s moved up from 44th. CXLIX CXLIX and snbpsk have both fallen from Top 10 spots to outside of the qualifying positions and have a bit of a climb ahead of them if they are to get back to where they were. And perhaps the player with the most work to do is unfortunately 2418, whose week took them from 21st and just on the outside all the way down to 155th. We’ve seen meteoric rises happen before, but we’ll have to wait and see if there’s a comeback story for the ages brewing there.

As if there wasn’t enough to follow already, we’ve had four players climb from outside the Top 100 into the 20th-40th range, so don’t sleep on 111094 R, ajmonsta, benva, or The Great Lakes, as they might rocket into the Top 10 if you blink.

We’re thrilled to be bringing you the action of June and look forward to seeing what these talented players can do as they push to qualify for the tournament in July! We’ll be back next week to see what’s changed, so stay tuned!

*Standings based off of positioning as of 11:59 pm EST on June 3rd

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