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Cloud9 is excited to announce our foray into the competitive gaming environment of Chess by welcoming the newest member of our organization, Andrew penguingm1 Tang! Although many of our competitive players have been playing their respective games since their inception, we’ll give penguingm1 a pass on this one, especially considering that he is the best hyperbullet and ultrabullet chess player in the world. Please join us in welcoming penguingm1 to Cloud9!

penguingm1’s accolades extend far beyond his talents in the hyperbullet and ultrabullet spaces. A three-time national champion, penguingm1 is also a Top 5 bullet player, having won hundreds of games against Magnus Carlsen, the current World Chess Champion. By the age of 18, penguingm1 had already achieved the rank of grandmaster, as recognized by the International Chess Federation. If that wasn’t enough, penguingm1 also earned the #1 ultrabullet rank on lichess while playing blindfolded. His ultrabullet dominance could be seen in his games against the open source chess engine, stockfish, and he remains the only person to beat stockfish levels 1-8 in ultrabullet. He is also the most recent player to defeat the neural network chess engine Leela Chess Zero.

Whether it’s the best players in the world or the best artificial intelligence the Chess world has to offer, penguingm1’s set of skills are among the best in the world and his knowledge of the game makes his playstyle incredible to watch. We’re thrilled to see what other amazing triumphs he achieves with Cloud9!

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