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From Jack Etienne, CEO and Founder of Cloud9

Grounded in our values of teamwork, excellence and sportsmanship, Cloud9 is developing a youth program that brings together teens ages 13-15 for an online summer camp experience.

With an expert team of esports coaches and educators, we’re excited to share our first 8-week-long program, built on a curriculum suited for teens and young adults, in a simulated league environment that fosters growth as both a player and an individual.

Through techniques and tools utilized in Cloud9’s current professional esports team environment, the goal of Training Grounds is to provide an educational, fun, and collaborative experience built on the shared values of our organization – fostering growth not only in-game but also in everyday life.

As both a father and the co-founder and CEO of Cloud9, I feel strongly about the capabilities – and responsibilities – that esports organizations have in contributing to the development and growth of our youth and future esports professionals. I’m excited to introduce Training Grounds as Cloud9’s newest initiative and invite you to join us.

Registration for Session 1 is live now – Session 1 begins June 8th and will run to August 1st.

What’s Included

  1. 3 weekly team coaching sessions – 2.5 hours in length
  2. 4 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions with with a TG Coach of your choice
  3. Moderated private Discord server for communication
  4. Robust online curriculum that focuses on well-rounded player improvement, for both new and experienced players
  5. Weekend professional tournament viewing parties with real-time coaching discussions
  6. Unique lessons and Q&A opportunities provided by pro players, industry leaders, and C9 staff
  7. Exclusive customized Cloud9 Training Grounds jersey
  8. Weekly Player Report Cards including personalized player stats and coach’s feedback

What are the Benefits

  • A friendly, non-toxic community for youth to learn and play in
  • An ever-present group of like-minded fans to talk, play, and learn with
  • Gradual improvements of in-game knowledge, skills, and communication tools
  • Focus on the development of collaborative critical thinking skills in a gaming context
  • Access to esports and gaming industry leaders and techniques

What makes C9TG special

  • Access to in-game Data and Tools specially developed by Cloud9 – the same tools we use every day to coach our professional teams.
  • Physical Wellness integration. Exclusive information and instructional videos teaching you how we help players avoid injuries and stay active.
  • We’re the Pros. Excelling in esports is something we’re proud of at Cloud9. Our organization is renowned for developing players into champions, and we’re eager to start spreading our knowledge and methodology for gaming excellence with players of all ages and skills.
  • Teamwork and Communication are imperative skills for working in groups. Determination and a positive mentality are essential for achieving personal goals. C9TG believes in instilling and nurturing the ingredients for excellence, and our curriculum is designed to help players succeed in game and out.


Who can join? 

Currently, the program is open to youth residing in the United States, ages 13 to 15, who play MOBA.

If you’re outside of that age range, or you’re interested in a different game genre, don’t worry! This is just the beginning, and we are looking to expand quickly.

We’ll soon offer programs in games like Fortnite, Rocket League, and more – open to students ages 13 to 18, or until you graduate from high school.

We strive to keep growing and want all of our members to grow with us!

How much does it cost to enroll? 

Our 2020 summer program includes 52 hours of direct small group instruction and 1-on-1 coaching, plus optional viewing parties, pick-up games, and guest speaking events. This program is valued at $1,200, but will be offered for FREE this summer.

Enrollment spots are limited, however; applications will be accepted until June 5.

What Equipment is needed? 

  • PC or Laptop
  • Relevant game client downloaded
  • Discord
  • Headset with microphone

Where is C9TG Located? 

Anywhere you have access to a PC! We will be running our program through a private Discord server.

Once you’ve received your acceptance letter and your parent or legal guardian has completed and submitted the enrollment forms, we will send you an invite to our server.

Due to laws regarding online content for minors, currently C9TG is only open to people residing in the United States.

How Do I Know if I’m in?

There are a limited number of spaces available for this session. If you are accepted you will be sent a Welcome Letter and further information via email no later than June 5th.

For additional information please contact:

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