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The British Hurricane are thrilled to announce their roster for Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1: Europe. Returning to action are Seb numlocked Barton as Main Tank, Hafþór Hafficool Hákonarson as Flex Tank, Daniel Dannedd Rosdahl as Flex DPS, Joni Jofi Ilves as Main Support, and Jakob bock1 Kleveland as Flex Support! We are also adding two new faces to the family, so join us in welcoming Samir Tsuna Ikram as Hitscan DPS and William SparkR Andersson as Hitscan DPS and our development player!

Both Tsuna and SparkR are young European players with tremendous potential for growth. Tsuna joins us after spending time with Young and Beautiful last year, and SparkR joins us straight from the ladder, having last played competitively for Team Hyp3d in Open Division.

The guys came to me and said they met this really nutty player in ranked, since we were looking for a hitscan at that time. Haffi said “I wanna trial SparkR, he destroyed me on Widow” so we gave him a shot and his mechanical skill really stood out to us. I am sure he’s gonna be one of the top hitscans in EU by Season 2.

Ysabel Noukky Müller, British Hurricane Team Manager

Tsuna wowed us with both great mechanics and game sense across a spectrum of heroes. He’s fit in with the roster very well, and has been a great teammate. We’re looking forward to working with him, and pushing to win another EU Contenders Season 1 title.

Joshua Elbion Tuffs, British Hurricane Coach

You’ll be able to watch the Hurricane in action when the season kicks off on February 28th! To discuss these changes and to stay up to date on everything regarding the British Hurricane, click on the official team banner below or check out the official Spitfire Discord.

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