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Frame Of Mike | Shroud Official Fragmovie

Cloud9 and Calle Danielsson are proud to present the organizations first full length player frag movie. The first of the player movie being released is centered around Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek.

Cloud9 League of Legends Montage 7

SpooksOP brings us another Cloud9 montage of the squad's coolest plays.



Cloud9 LoL | Genesis Ep.1 - New Beginnings

Episode One of Cloud9's newest series "Genesis"! This episode took place during pre-season and IEM Cologne 2015.




Rush and BunnyFuFuu to sign with Cloud9 LoL

Following Meteos’ voluntary departure from the jungle slot during the 2015 summer split, C9 brought in retired mid laner Hai to fill the role. But now, with the benefit of time on their hands, they’ve been able to figure out exactly what they need to compete at the highest level in the North American LCS - and perhaps, the world.

Cloud9 Peripheral & Monitor Sponsors Update

With the 2016 eSport season in full swing, we wanted to provide everyone with quick update about our partners. First, we are excited to announce that we are continuing our relationship with Logitech and their G Series line of products.

Cloud9 Partners With Mobile App, Instant eSports

We at Cloud9 are excited to officially partner with Instant eSports, a free mobile app for Android and iOS. Starting today, you can access our latest announcements and performance results by downloading and browsing through the news aggregation app, which will have this information sooner than any other source.